Rena Dev Report 06/08/2022

👋 Hello Rena Community,

Since our last dev log, we’ve made strong progress with Rena FTM, RenaSwap/Greek mechanics, and V2 mechanics. This dev report elaborates on the headway made on each of these functionalities, along with more marketing and brand development updates.

RenaSwap/Greek Mechanics:

We’ve been planning for sustainable anti-fragile infrastructure for the Rena Ecosystem. A sovereign server built on real network resiliency can weather all seasons. It plays a significant role in facilitating the drip mechanics for Rena/Greek pairs, allowing us to extend support to more tokens in the near future. More details on the server have been shared in the most recent governance proposal.


At the time of writing this report, we’re a fraction away from launching FTM; the bridge deployed in collaboration with the Multichain team is ready. With the milestone so close, we’re hyper-focused on ensuring that the contracts work seamlessly, testing thoroughly to ensure security and success.

RenaSwap UI

The frontend team is working on an update to the RenaSwap UI. Once that’s complete, you’ll be able to view red and green discount percentages as indicators for each pair’s current price.

Rena V2

The technical requirements are now in the hands of the dev team and are being actively assessed and developed. On the branding side, our focus has been on building the V2 website architecture plan while continuing the overall design for the upcoming website.


The marketing team has developed multiple growth and user onboarding strategies, and we’re finalizing some of the initial campaigns, which we plan to bring live soon.



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