Rena Dev Report 05/18/2022

👋Hello Rena Community,

This dev report includes status updates on the Greeks ecosystem, Rena-FTM, and V2 Progress. We also mention new security/accessibility updates we’ve been working on for Rena V2.

💧RenaSwap Greeks (Space Tokens) Update:

For the Greeks drip mechanics, we’re working on a dedicated server for networking and storage, which will be vital for the script that manages the distribution of Greek tokens to the Renaswap pairs moving forward.

We’re also working on a new estimation for the drip amounts, which will be calculated on the total amount of tokens received from the XI protocol pixel claiming on As the initial principal set forth through rGOV is being dripped into the pairs, a formula will be devised to create discount runways for dripped tokens. The purpose of a runway is to estimate how long the total tokens can be dripped for before running dry.


Testing of the $ANER token has been successfully completed. We are now actively working with the Multichain Team to complete the bridge integration and the launch of Rena on FTM.


We’ve scoped the community consensus on indicating premiums in the color red and discounts in green for RenaSwap pairs. This change is in progress.

Rena V2 Progress

Branding and strategy for Rena V2 are making steady progress. Additionally, with security and accessibility in mind, we are discussing potential collaboration with an enterprise security platform to build a wallet/on-ramp solution. As the cooperation and plans for these enterprise solutions solidify, we will begin covering more on it.

Additionally, we have migrated the Rena treasury RENA/ETH liquidity and RENA tokens, previously held in the Rena Deployer, to the new Rena multi-sig wallet:




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