Rena Dev Report 03/01/2022

Hello Rena Community,

We’re thrilled to announce a major milestone was reached this week — Listing “the Greeks” on RenaSwap!

This is an exciting addition to the Rena Defi Ecosystem. In this update you’ll find all the details about the recent launch, as well as what is in the works and where we are in the process.

Tech Updates

“The Greeks” are LIVE! (+ new RenaSwap UI)

The Greeks — $XI $BETA $RHO $KAPPA & $GAMMA — are now listed on RenaSwap.

As part of launching these new one-way Rena pairs, there has been a complete update to the front-end interface for the RenaSwap page. The update includes a refreshed swap UI and of course the addition of the Greek token pairs.

Check it out live:

On the new RenaSwap page, you’ll also notice a FTM/ETH toggle button ready and waiting to be enabled once we complete the Rena token launch on FTM network. This is coming in the very near future.

The launching of the Greeks has been executed according to the approved proposal.

New RenaSwap UI:

RenaSwap one-way pair details:

$XI Token (RENA/XI)

  • Initial Liquidity: $42,935
  • Token contract: 0x295b42684f90c77da7ea46336001010f2791ec8c
  • DEXTools: LINK


  • Initial Liquidity: $7,411
  • Token contract: 0x35f67c1d929e106fdff8d1a55226afe15c34dbe2
  • DEXTools: LINK


  • Initial Liquidity: $6,659
  • Token contract: 0x3f3cd642e81d030d7b514a2ab5e3a5536beb90ec
  • DEXTools: LINK


  • Initial Liquidity: $7,190
  • Token contract: 0x56de8bc61346321d4f2211e3ac3c0a7f00db9b76
  • DEXTools: LINK


  • Initial Liquidity: $7,304
  • Token contract: 0x5d2c6545d16e3f927a25b4567e39e2cf5076bef4
  • DEXTools: LINK


Following up from the last report — bridging $ANER (Rena-FTM test token) was the next step towards launching RenaSwap on Fantom. For bridging on AnySwap, Davion had followed the bridging and setup guidelines present on AnySwap docs, implementing V5, but once submitted there was an issue.

Upon writing to AnySwap, we found out there was an updated process. Davion is updating the contracts and bringing us in line with AnySwap’s latest requirements. Once complete we can resubmit to be approved by AnySwap.

Rena Marketplace:

We have been brainstorming a robust structure for Tokenomics of the NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace is an interesting avenue to creating new opportunities for Rena holders. We continue to develop and design this upcoming piece of the ecosystem and will keep the community posted on our continued progress via these dev reports.

Rena V2 Branding:

The second brand strategy session took place on February 18. We’re already diving into the visual design of all things Rena V2. The process so far has been valuable and has brought a lot of clarity to what we are building. We are excited to continue with our branding agency and look forward to the next steps. More updates to come.

Community Events

The Rena Creativity Contest has concluded and ETH rewards have been sent to the wallets of all winners. We’ll be back soon with another contest/campaign to keep you folks engaged! And, if you have an idea for a contest or community event, reach out through the TG chat.


Follow Rena’s progress through our 2022 Roadmap here.

That’s a wrap for now. See you in the next one!



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